Property Management

Investing in real estate proves to be a very solid and valuable transaction. For you as a real estate investor it is important to yield an optimal return on your investment. When leasing a property, the owner carries responsibility for collecting the rent, solving any potential defects and/or malfunctions and maintenance of the property. Via Dop Verhuur you can outsource the maintenance of your property to a professional property manager. In our role as property manager we completely take over and together with the owner we determine the best way to yield return on investment. Do you want to enjoy your real estate without any of the daily concerns? Contact Dop Verhuur for a free appointment.

Complete management of property

In order for your investment to sustain valuable, we take all your concerns off your hands and solve additional matters as they come along. The outsourcing of your property management will include:

  • All contact with the tenant;
  • Collecting the rental charges;
  • Carrying out the annual rental indexation;
  • Maintaining the perfect state of your property;
  • Supervision in the execution of necessary repairs;
  • Supervision in possible collection trajectory;
  • All contact with the VvE (the owners association);
  • Reparation of malfunctions and defects;
  • Care for a smooth transition between the tenants.

The convenience of complete property management

One of the reasons for outsourcing your property management is the convenience. You enjoy the maximum return on your investment without dealing with the daily concerns. Dop Verhuur also offers the possibility of complete property management to owners who work abroad for a certain period of time. By outsourcing your property management to Dop Verhuur you are always certain that all matters concerning your property will be dealt with in a professional way. This way the owner does not have any worries while being abroad.

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Dop Verhuur consists of a young and dynamic team that always gives a little extra to differentiate within the real estate market. In addition, you and your tenants will always have only one contact, who will arrange all matters concerning your property. Do you have questions or would you like to receive additional information? You can call us at 0320 264 175 or reach us via e-mail: