Renting out your property

There is a lot of arranging to be done  when you rent out a property. Your property needs to be professionally presented and on various websites and social media channels. In addition to that, there are several possibilities to rent out your property, such as recreational or regular lease. Each rental possibility requires its own approach with associated leases.

Our service goes beyond just renting out houses and apartments. We are there to guide you throughout the entire rental process. With our knowledge of the rental market and our experience in the industry, we are able to provide you with the right advice to offer your house up for rent.

Most of the houses that we rent out, are rented out to expatriates. It goes without saying that Dop Verhuur B.V.  will carry out a thorough background check so that we can make sure you have a neat tenant to rent  your property.

In order to achieve the maximum result we will organize among other things:

  • Establish the rental value of the property;
  • Determine the rental strategy;
  • Provide styling tips;
  • Organize a professional photoshoot;
  • Promote the property throughout different websites;
  • Promoting the home throughout various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +;
  • Arranging and supervising viewings;
  • Extensive screening of potential tenants;
  • Create a solid Dutch and/or English rental agreement;
  • Check and collect the first mont rent and deposit;
  • Conducting and drafting an inspection rapport upon arrival.

In addition, Dop Verhuur BV has one contactperson for both tenant and landlord, during the entire rental period.

If you have questions or if you would like additional information, You can reach us on telephone number: 0320 264 175 or by e-mail via