Temporary leasing your property

Since June 2016 it is possible to temporary lease your house or apartment up to 2 years. Temporary leasing was introduced by the Dutch government to create a higher circulation in the rental market. Before 2016 it was only allowed by law to contract a temporary rental agreement via the Diplomat Clause, where it had to be provable that you were residing elsewhere because of employment. Another option was to temporary lease your property via the Dutch Vacancy Law (Leegstandswet), which meant that your property was active in sale. The last option was meant for owners who could not get their property sold but already purchased a new property to live. Both options had much paperwork and long procedures.

Temporary leasing your property with a competent rental agreement

Because of the new temporary rental agreement legislation, the paperwork and long procedures are in the past. For temporary lease it is essential that the owner has a legally well-funded contract. All rental agreements of Dop Verhuur are drawn up by a lawyer and are adjusted to the concerning property. This way the owner and tenant are well-aware of the expectations, rights and obligations of each other.

Benefits of temporary lease

Are you still in doubt about temporary leasing your apartment or house in, for example Amsterdam, Almere, Lelystad or Utrecht? Read about the benefits below or contact us for professional and personal advice about temporary leasing your property.

  • Lease of your property for short periods of time;
  • Your property pays off while you are residing elsewhere;
  • After the agreed period of time the tenant is legally obligated to leave the property;
  • No long-term contracts for an indefinite period of time;
  • Trail period before you decide to lease your property for a longer period of time
  • Temporary lease up to 2 years