About us

Dop Verhuur B.V. works with a young and dynamic team that gives the extra bit to be able to differentiate themselves within in the rental market. For us it is very important that each application gets a proper follow-up. We will guide you through the entire rental process so we can ensure that all your questions will be answered. In addition, flexibility is one of the core values of Dop Verhuur B.V.. This means that we are available for viewings 7 days a week and are also able to schedule viewings outside office hours.

We are also your ideal partner if you are looking for temporary housing on short notice. We have several turn-key apartments in our database which have very flexible rental periods. . These are the ideal properties for people who want to rent for up to a year.

Dop Verhuur B.V. also provides for both various individuals as for several larger Enterprises the complete property management. You will get a comprehensive overview of the situation and a clear picture of the status of your real estate portfolio, on a monthly base.

Dop Verhuur B.V. organizes the staff housing for several international companies. Expats are generally regarded as very pleasant and reliable tenants.

When we look at the rentalmarket today we find that the demand for quality housing increases. This means we are continuously looking for new housing to offer to our clients.

Please feel free to contact us to see what the possibilities we can offer you.

You can reach us on telephone number: 0320 264 175 or by email at info@dopverhuur.nl