Leasing a property in Amsterdam

You probably noticed that the city of Amsterdam is the most popular rental location in the Netherlands. From the chic city center with a view on the canals to the hospitable Jordaan and from the trendy area De Pijp to the lively Rivierenbuurt, all the neighborhoods are booming. And with the growing number of expats this trend will only continue. Your house in Amsterdam is very appealing and profitable in the current market but you do have to keep in mind that leasing your house or apartment requires organization. There are various options for leasing a property in Amsterdam, for example temporary lease, vacancy lease or leasing for a definite/indefinite period of time. Every option requires their own approach with corresponding lease agreements. Next, it is very important to look at the profile of the potential tenants together. We will perform a check on all the candidates by means of antecedents research. This way you will not stumble on any surprises later in the process. We have years of real estate experience in Amsterdam and we can assist you from beginning to end when it comes to leasing your property.

Rental real estate agency in Amsterdam

With Dop Verhuur you can lease your house or apartment, located in Amsterdam. Below you find a selection of all locations in Amsterdam where Dop Verhuur is active:


What to take into account when leasing a property in Amsterdam

First it is important to know how you want to rent out your property in Amsterdam. Our services go beyond the lease of your house or apartment. We can support you during the whole leasing process. With excellent knowledge of the rental market and our experience in the industry, we can provide you with the accurate advice to offer up your home for rent. The majority of the properties for which Dop Verhuur mediates, is rented out to companies and expats. Of course, Dop Verhuur performs thorough antecedents research before finding a suitable tenant for your home.

Achieve the maximum result out of leasing a property in Amsterdam

Dop Verhuur takes care of the following to achieve the desired results during the leasing process.

  • We determine the rental value of the property in Amsterdam together with the owner;
  • We decide the right leasing strategy;
  • We provide styling tips when asked;
  • We can assign a photographer for professional photographs to stimulate the leasing process;
  • We promote the property in Amsterdam via several websites;
  • We promote the property via Facebook, Twitter and Google+;
  • We organize house tours and accompany the potential tenants during the viewing;
  • We screen the potential tenants;
  • We draw up the Dutch and/or English lease agreement;
  • We cash and check the first rent charges and the deposit;
  • We carry out the arrival and departing inspection report.


verhuren van een woning in amsterdamAlso leasing a property in Amsterdam?

Our service goes beyond solely leasing your house or apartment. We are there to accompany and support you during the whole leasing process. With our knowledge of the rental market and our experience in the business, we can provide you with the accurate advice to offer up your home for rent in Amsterdam. Dop Verhuur also offers the tenant and the owner one contact person during the whole lease period. If you have any questions about leasing a property or if you want to receive additional information, please contact us on 0320 264 275 or info@dopverhuur.nl.